In 1457, King James II told his people, “No more.” An official ban came out on the game of golf.

A ban on golf.

Why would someone do that? The king was so shocked by how much people were interested in the game, that he banned it in order to increase people’s time so that they would hopefully reinvest it into the military. Golf was taking people away from training, and it was not working out well with King James II’s plans.

Fast forward to today, golf is alive and thriving worldwide. Technology has radically impacted the game of golf, as well as sports as a whole. You can now use apps on a small screen, such as your smartphone or even smart watch, to track your statistics to help you improve your game.

There are three apps in particular that I want to share with you, which are the following:

  1. FunGolf
  2. Mobitee and PIQ
  3. Arccos Golf

1) FunGolf

FunGolf is a tremendously powerful and free app. It gives you 3D images of each golf course you are on. If shows you how far away you are from golf course hazards and the hole you are trying to sink into. Better yet, it even tracks each golf swing you take, giving tips on how to improve your swing. With real time suggestions, it guides you on what it thinks will be the best way for you to get the lowest score on the course. It even syncs with smart watches!

2) Mobitee and PIQ

For serious golfers comes a serious app. This app has a whopping price of $269, but it is worth it for those who deeply respect the sport. You can track each individual club with knobs that screw on to each club. It tracks your golf balls, too. A tiny device is placed on your glove to give the app accurate statistics on each swing you take. The app will connect the dots between your glove device and the tracking knobs at the end of each club, showing you real-time statistics on each swing with each individual club.

3) Arccos

Last but certainly not least if Arccos–the ruler of golf apps. At a slightly higher price than Mobitee ($299), this app connects with hardware it gives you that runs through an algorithm that the app has created to analyze your every move. With a massive 40k golf course maps in store, it gives you a choice of various different views of each course you are on, as well as a GPS to keep an eye on your location on the course as you go.

These apps are fun and enticing. They give golfers thorough, real-time feedback that not even a skilled onlooker could provide. If you are serious about your golf game, look into these apps. I know they won’t disappoint you easily.