With the issue of women in tech topping headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks, it’s encouraging to see the LPGA and the venerable Indianapolis Motor Speedway teaming up to promote the cause.

In Fall of 2017, the IMS and the LPGA will be co hosting the debut outing for the Indy Women in Tech Championship hosted by Guggenheim.  You can read the full story here on ESPN.com.

Most famously known as the home of the Indy 500, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been hosting road races in one form or another since it opened in 1909.  One of its lesser known functions though, will be on display starting on September 4th of this year when the LPGA Women in Tech event begins at the Brickyard Crossing golf course.

While it doesn’t boast the clout of an Augusta or Pebble Beach, it is one of the more unique courses on the professional PGA and LPGA tours.  Why?  Four of its eighteen holes are actually inside the boundaries of the racetrack.  The course has a bit of PGA and LPGA history woven around it; for the better part of the 1960s it hosted the PGA 500 Festival Open Invitational as well as the 1968 500 Ladies Classic.  The latter ended up notching as one of Mickey Wright’s biggest late career victories.  

Against this backdrop, the LPGA is seeking to not only draw attention to Indianapolis as an under-the-radar haven for golfers, but also to promote the cause of the event itself: “advance opportunities for women in the fast-growing field of science and technology (STEM), including robotics, as well as assist women looking to re-enter the workforce.”  

You can read the LPGA’s full statement on their website.

As part of the announcement of the event, several of the game’s top female players spent time working with local students to reiterate the importance and the opportunity of careers in science and technology.  On a lighter note, they also belted out some of their favorite tunes from a mobile karaoke station to raise awareness of the tournament.
You can check out this exciting new addition the LPGA tour from September 4th through September 10th of 2017.  Hopefully this is a marker of great things to come both for the golf community in Indianapolis and the cause of women in tech.