Just as is the case with every sport, various methods and techniques can yield the exact same result. While baseball pitchers may utilize different pitch movement and arm slots in order to deceive and, hopefully, strike out the opposing batter, hunters have a number of options and methods at their disposal as to how they want to make the kill.

As these tactics greatly impact the hunting experience, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of each to ensure you get the most out of your next outing.

Rifle Hunting

Rifle hunting is one the forms of the sport with the lowest barrier to entry and, because of this, is probably the most popular. In order to go rifle hunting, all you’ll need is a hunting knife, proper hunting attire, camping/hiking gear, ammunition, and, you guessed it, a rifle. The type of the game you are targeting dictates the size of the rifle you need as large animals such as bears, elks, and moose require higher-caliber rifles.

Bow Hunting

Experienced bowhunters often describe it as a more primal experience than that of rifle hunting. Those unfamiliar with hunting may be surprised to find out that bow hunters tend to be more prolific in their kills on any given hunt. This is because shooting a bow and arrow is much quieter than firing a rifle and, thus, will not spook game in the surrounding area.


A large number of hunters are the proactive type and don’t just sit around waiting for the animal to walk through their sights. Tracking is more common amongst bow hunters as an arrow is much less liable to spook the animal should the hunter’s shot be off-target.

Trackers must learn how to correctly recognize various indicators of animal activity such as their tracks and scat. Those who like to track their game down also tend to wear and carry less cumbersome gear.


Decoys are most commonly used while hunting ducks and other waterfowl. As the decoys work to entice the bird to come closer to the hunter, they tend to diminish the skill level required to make the kill.


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